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An Overview Of Bankruptcy Law

Over 1 Million bankruptcies were filed in the United States during the first half of calendar year 2014. The economic factors in our Nation are such that more and more people are having to file bankruptcy. It is no longer something that is looked down upon by our society, but something that has touched the lives of nearly all of our family, friends or neighbors. It is our office’s desire to help those who have hit hard times and need the assistance of an attorney experienced in bankruptcy law.



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How To Get Started With A Bankruptcy


The first thing you need to do is schedule an appointment with me. If you can bring a current paycheck stub and a basic list of what you owe, I will be able to review your financial situation, look at what property you own, what type of debts you have, and make a recommendation as to what Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy code is right for you.


There are two basic types of Bankruptcy proceedings for individual debtors. In either case, after a bankruptcy proceeding is filed, creditors may not seek to collect their debts outside of the court proceeding (i.e., contact the debtor, their family, employer, or friends, directly).